Why We're Building Fieldmobi

Small businesses and frontline workers (the 99%) have been left out of digital transformation plans for decades now. Today, they remain a major roadblock to creating truly digitized value chains. They are the parts of a large enterprise's workflow that remain manual and have no transparency whatsoever.
1. Ready-to-Use Products - A stepping stone to ERP for SMBs and teams - Ready-to-use Products to help SMBs structure data and ease into more complex applications 2. Customized No Code Solutions - An Extension of ERP to the Field for Large Enterprises - Roll out customized no code solutions across partner communities

Even though large organizations keep attempting to connect these partners and teams, many believe that their workers and small business partners are not digitally savvy enough to use enterprise applications without questioning the applications themselves.

Whether you look at UPI in India or how far social media has reached, consumer apps have reached the masses. The problem is that enterprise applications haven’t evolved in the same way.

It's clear that we are ready for the next wave of digital transformation, one that extends the reach of technology from back offices of big businesses to the frontlines, and perhaps even further, to every connected partner, no matter how small.

The next evolution of ERP needs to be more than just mobile or AI. It needs to make truly and fully connected value chains a reality. It needs to be able to handle the complexity of large businesses and shed functionality for small ones.

The Goal - To make truly digitized value chains a reality by:
Creating disconnected vertical SaaS to digitize small businesses is not enough. We need to build verticalizable SaaS. Software that can help create micro-vertical SaaS solutions for specific communities. Large enterprises can use it for their partner and vendor networks. Industry experts can tailor them to a specific target and solve a real problem. But it all happens in one place. All together. No one needs to download a second app. Data flows where it needs to, when it needs to and is allowed to.

That's what we are up to at Fieldmobi.
We're digitizing the 99% and extending ERP to the field with our verticalizable SaaS.

The Team

Shiv Shankar Raha

Shambhabi Raha

Founder & CEO

Shambhabi has over 7 years of experience working with enterprise clients in Enterprise Tech and Advertising such as Tata Motors, Amul and Zee during which time she has won multiple National and International Advertising Awards as a Creative including Clio Awards, Kyoorius Awards and Abby Awards and was named one of Impact’s Top 30 Under 30 in the Creative, Media and Digital Industries.

She has an MBA from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and a B. Sc. from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

Shiv Shankar Raha

Shiv Shankar Raha

Founder & CTO

Shiv Shankar Raha is a Serial Enterprise Tech Entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience and has been involved in implementing over 200 Enterprise projects ranging from small single-branch rollouts to large multi-million dollar projects. Prior to embarking on his own ventures, he served in various Senior Regional Management roles including Director of Customer Service at PeopleSoft South Asia and as Vice President of R&D at Viewlocity Asia Pacific out of Singapore.

He holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering for IIT Kharagpur.

Yash Sawant

Yash Sawant

Founding Force Member
Thitheeksha Sudeesh

Thitheeksha Sudeesh

Founding Force Member
Anveshna Mishra

Anveshna Mishra

Junior Executive

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