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At Fieldmobi, we're digitizing unstructured parts of the value chain and connecting them to enterprise workflows

1. Ready-to-Use Products - A stepping stone to ERP for SMBs and teams - Ready-to-use Products to help SMBs structure data and ease into more complex applications 2. Customized No Code Solutions - An Extension of ERP to the Field for Large Enterprises - Roll out customized no code solutions across partner communities
Businesses at different stages of digitization have different needs. We have different products for each of them.

Stay connected with your team and manage field operations remotely

A powerful data collection and field team management platform that keeps you connected to your entire field team and helps manage remote attendance and leaves, track work activities, expenses and timesheets as well as collect and manage important business information and resolve related issues. Comes with Fieldmobi Smart Notes to connect end users.

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Why We're Building Fieldmobi

For decades now, technology has been transforming the way businesses function, setting new benchmarks when it comes to efficiency and scalability.

Cycles that once took months have been reduced to mere minutes and that too with fewer people involved. So much value has been put on certain types of technologies that today it's hard to find a large enterprise without an ERP System.

But while we can spend hours going on and on about what technology has done for the world, one thing is for certain. It has left gaps.

If you look at how many people in a large organization use its ERP system, the number is tiny. How many small businesses use ERP? Again tiny. How much data is actually connected from field teams and partners and not just computed on an excel sheet by managers? Not a lot.

Today if you ask a blue collar worker what the ERP system their organization uses actually helps with, they'll say nothing and likely throw in a snarky comment about how filling up timesheets are annoying.

Small businesses and frontline workers have essentially been left out of digital transformation plans for decades now. Today, they remain a major roadblock to creating truly digitized value chains. They are the parts of a large enterprise's workflow that remains manual, that require teams to physically go on site and that have no transparency whatsoever.

When you talk to the teams rolling out technology in larger organizations about this, you often hear about how certain teams and organizations are not digitally savvy enough to be able to use enterprise applications. This may be true. But I believe it's time to recognize that that is the failure on the part of enterprise software providers, not the users.

With the roll out of UPI, India has proven that there is nothing stopping small businesses and the working population from adopting technology if its value is clear and it's easy to use. Its success is a clear signal that we are ready for the next wave of digital transformation, one that extends the reach of technology from back offices of big businesses to the frontlines, and perhaps even further, to every connected partner, no matter how small.

The next evolution of ERP needs to be more than just mobile or AI. It needs to make truly and fully connected value chains a reality. It needs to be able to handle the complexity of large businesses and shed functionality for small ones.

Creating disconnected vertical SaaS to digitize small businesses is not enough. We need to build verticalizable SaaS. Software that can help create micro-vertical SaaS solutions for specific communities. Large enterprises can use it for their partner and vendor networks. Industry experts can tailor them to a specific target and solve a real problem. But it all happens in one place. All together. No one needs to download a second app. Data flows where it needs to, when it needs to and is allowed to.

That's what we are up to at Fieldmobi. We're digitizing the 99% and extending ERP to the field with our verticalizable SaaS.

Fieldmobi In Action

Meet Harsh

Harsh runs a small business supplying marketing material to large enterprises for events and installations. He currently has 3 major clients that bring in most of the revenue. He’s been trying to take on more but he can’t find the time.

Harsh multitasking and collaborating with multiple vendors to manage a wide range of tasks.

Everyday he single-handedly deals with numerous calls and messages from clients, ensures that quality is maintained and takes care of issues raised by his team leaving him with no time to focus on growth.

Harsh efficently managing his operations

He urgently needs to find a way to both organize his operations and serve his customers better while freeing up time for himself.

Meet Sarah

Sarah works for a major consumer goods company in the trade marketing department. She works with hundreds of vendors including Harsh, trying to ensure that their marketing material is properly rolled out across thousands of locations.

Sarah multitasking and collaborating with multiple vendors to manage a wide range of tasks.

She has a hard time coordinating with vendors across so many locations and often has to visit sites herself or send someone to maintain standards. She’s almost always on the phone and rarely gets the information she needs.

Sarah efficently managing his operations

She urgently needs to find a way to improve visibility across locations and vendors, improve quality and consistency and spend less time coordinating.

Sarah gives Harsh the Fieldmobi App

Sarah comes across Fieldmobi and shares it with her vendors including Harsh who starts using it immediately to digitize his business information.

Fieldmobi Dashboards with Map view and List view

The app is easy enough for his team to use, allowing them to log every asset they create with images, videos and even location capture so Harsh always knows the status and location of each item at a click of a button.

Harsh shares access with Sarah on the Fieldmobi Dashboard

Not only can Harsh now ensure that issues are taken care of before they escalate but he can share visibility with Sarah so she doesn’t need to call him as frequently, freeing up time to take on more work.

Sarah connects to various vendors

On seeing that her vendors are able to use Fieldmobi well, Sarah decides to create a custom inspection form with a quality test video on Fieldmobi which she rolls out across all her vendors and field team.

Data from varoius vendors on the Fieldmobi dashboard

She can now manage all her vendors and ensure quality standards are met without having to make a single phone call, freeing up her time and her vendors’ time.

The Fieldmobi management Dashboard with Graphical Analytics

She can also share access to a management dashboard for her bosses or instantly download Excel reports.