Fieldmobi Features

app with multiple servers connected

A Proprietary No Code Platform

Designed to Manage Various Operation Types and Roles

A Self-configuring Mobile App

that only shows you the applications, teams, organizations and communities you are a part of

One Integrated App

for Multiple Servers, Applications, Teams, Organizations, Communities and Languages

app with multiple servers connected

app with multiple servers connected

AI and Machine Learning

enabled for detection, classification, verification and recommendations

A Web-based Dashboard

with Map View, List View, Graphical Analysis, Reports and Multi-layer Search and Filters

APIs and Integrations

to help make connections with other applications seamless

A Mobile App,
Designed for Field Teams

The Fieldmobi Mobile App is designed for Field Teams of any level of technological proficiency. The app only shows the users the modules that they are assigned to.

  • Auto-configured for the User Based on Assigned Module/Forms

  • No Menu Screens. No Clutter

  • Minimal Pages

  • Multi-language Capabilities

  • Automatic Location Capture for all forms/media/notes

  • Custom forms with Media Capture, Document Uploads, Signatures, Barcode/QR Code Scanner

  • Proxy Prevention: Option to deactivate form in case mobile location sharing is off

  • Proxy Prevention: Option to restrict media capture to only mobile camera with no image attachments

  • Reminders and Notifications: From App

  • One App for Multiple Organizations

Fieldmobi Smart Notes
Fieldmobi Smart Notes App

One Web-based Dashboard for All Your Operations

  • Module-agnostic Dashboard Design

  • Multi-factor Search and Filter with Multi-item Search per Field using 'and' and 'or'

  • Color-coded Markers for Alerts and Quick Data Filtering

  • Multi-view Toggle to View Data on Map, Media, List, Form or Analytics View

  • Graphical Analytics/Infographics

  • Downloadable Reports (Excel)

  • Detail Panel

  • Tracking History

  • Approvals and Workflows

  • Location Setup and Geo-fencing

Fieldmobi Dashboard
Fieldmobi Field Operations Dashboard

List View

Timesheet Tracking

Map View

Task Management and Analysis

Graphical Analytics

A Proprietary No Code Platform to Customize Forms, Reports and Workflows

  • No Code Field Customization for Mobile App

  • No Code Field Customization for Reports

  • No Code Field Customization for Search and Filters

  • Color-coded Alert Marker Configuration

  • Workflow Customization and Field Mapping

  • Dashboard Color Palette Personalization

  • Mobile App Logo and Color Palette Personalization

  • HTML-based Profile/Report Generation

Dashboard Customization

Community, Collaboration and Visibility

  • Data Visibility and Access Control by Teams, Regions, Departments, Individuals and External Organizations (Collaborators)

  • Inter-organization Reporting Template Sharing for Mobile App Forms

  • Multi-organizational Workflows

Multi-organizational Collaboration

APIs and Integrations

  • Reminders and Notifications: SMS

  • Reminders and Notifications: Email

  • Reminders and Notifications: Automated Calls

  • CSV Interface

  • SOAP/REST Interface

APIs and Integrations